Success Stories

Your contributions matter. Hear from some of our favorite success stories and learn why the work we do is so impactful and important.

//Success Story #1

Vanessa Vargas

Doing makeup has always been a passion of mine. It's helped me with my cystic fibrosis because it motivates me to get up and be active and is also very therapeutic.

It also puts my mind in a positive place. Creating makeup looks to me is like an art. It helps me to not stay in a negative place and just to think positive and helps me express myself!

Live fearlessly foundation has helped me to continue my passion in makeup by gifting me with supplies like makeup and brushes even lighting to help me achieve my makeup looks and create art.

I'm so thankful for live fearlessly. I can keep pursuing my passion in makeup.

//Success Story #2

Boston Olvey

Live Fearlessly has come alongside me and really helped push and motivate me to be a stronger surfer and spend more time in the water which is great for us.

Thank you so much to Jacob and his team for all you do and for pushing me so hard to keep surfing. They have purchased multiple surf lessons, surfboards, wetsuit boots and surfboard fins to keep me frothing to stay in the ocean.

I deeply appreciate the encouragement and inspiration! I am excited to see what the Live Fearlessly Foundation will accomplish this year!

//Success Story #3

James Richardson

Live fearlessly has helped me and so many in my community by inspiring and supporting us to become fit and healthy and extend our life expectancy through movement.

I really stand with this because I believe working out and fitness can save our lives in more ways than one.

Thank you to the Live fearlessly foundation for all you do. Never stop trying to change the mold.

//Success Story #4

Crosslyn Garcia

I am so blessed to be apart of the Live Fearlessly Foundation. The activity grant that I received has helped me further my passion of rodeoing.

You only have one body and one life so live each day to the fullest. I strive to live a VICTORIOUS lifestyle and continually inspire others.

The LFF is doing so much for the cystic fibrosis community, I am excited to see what God has in store for Jacob and his amazing foundation.

//Success Story #5

Mateusz Gredes

Mateusz Gredes. A 26 year old living in the Ukraine.

I am so grateful for the activity grant that Live Fearlessly Foundation gave me to help pay for my MMA registration fee’s. Seeing what Jacob does inspires me to fight Fearlessly.

//Success Story #6

Beau Whiddon

Beau Whiddon a 25 year old with CF living in the OBX.

Live Fearlessly Foundation has helped inspire me to get out in the ocean and push my limits despite having CF.

I have received the activity grant that they offer and this helped me pursue my passion for surfing

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