Jess Woodard

CPB & CPS in Bookkeeping.

Financial Services
// CPB & CPS in Bookkeeping.

Jess Woodard

Jess is a native of Asheville, NC and relocated to Wilmington to pursue her love of sailing witha CPB & CPS in Bookkeeping. Her background is in non-profit bookkeeping – working forTranscend Bookkeeping & Finance, providing special niche services to small and medium-sized businesses.

It is with gratitude that she joined The Live Fearlessly Foundation – to collaborate with like-minded individuals dedicated to the awareness and advocacy of cystic fibrosis on a global scale.


Wilmington, NC

She has experience working at Transcend Bookkeeping & Finance, which offers specialized specialist services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Her expertise is in non-profit bookkeeping.

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