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Alexis Smith

Meet Alexis Smith—a beacon of hope and strength for the cystic fibrosis (CF) community at 33 years young. She's originally from Frederick, MD, but has called Wilmington her adored home since 2004. Her family’s decision to move was a heartfelt one; the healing embrace of the saltwater air in Wilmington promises a gentle respite from her CF symptoms. Alexis has been an Ambassador for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since 2012 by sharing her journey with CF to inspire and unite others battling the chronic illness. Her voice at numerous fundraisers and events enlightens many about the lesser-known narratives of living with the disease—invoking empowerment and solidarity. Beyond advocacy, Alexis wields a spectrum of skills in social media marketing and creative design. Equipped with an eye for visual storytelling, she's adept in graphic and web design—tools she’s used to carve impressive achievements in digital realms. Joining the Live Fearlessly Foundation has affirmed her resolve to elevate the lives of fellow CF fighters. Alexis’s passion is palpable; it dances in her every word and fuels her ambition to share her personal expedition. Her goal? To curb the isolation and despair that can often shadow those with CF, and infuse their lives with the same laughter and vigor she herself cherishes. Her zest for life is amplified by the serenity of the beach, the joy of travel, and the simple pleasure of connection with loved ones. Alexis’s tapestry of life—a mix of resilience, professional expertise, and zealous humanity—is a testament to living fearlessly against all odds.

August 21, 1990

Wilmington, NC

Social Media Marketing and Graphic Design

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